You must bring the kids to Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, China, the world's largest ocean theme park

Located in the island of Hengqin, a special economic zone in Guangdong Province in China, Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is part of the Chimelong Hengqin Bay Hotel, the largest ecologically-themed hotel China. It was opened in March 2014, and has since set new world records confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records. Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is the home to the largest aquarium in the world, largest underwater viewing dome, largest aquarium window, largest acrylic panel, and largest aquarium tank! Just imagine the park boasts of a total water volume of 12.87 million gallons! The park can be reached by ferry and bus from Hong Kong and Macau, and by coach from a number cities in China.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom features eight themed zones, namely: Ocean Avenue which features a giant overhead LED TV where you can watch penguins, manta rays, and schools of colorful fish; Dolphin Cove where you can watch Dolphins frolicking through the gigantic glass window and enjoy aquatic performances in the Dolphin Theater; Amazing Amazon where you can enjoy a Manatee exhibit, and a thrilling ride at the Parrot Coaster; Ocean Beauty which features a Whale Shark exhibit and houses about 15,000 rare marine animals; Polar Horizon where you can enjoy one of the largest penguin exhibits in the world including animals that can only be found in the South Pole; Fun Zone, a family-oriented playground which boasts of a large game arcade, tide pools, a Beaver Exhibit, and Stingray Encounters; Mt. Walrus where you can be up close and personal with walruses at the Walrus Island, sea lions at the Sealion Bay, visit Sea Bird Paradise, and watch these animals perform at the Sealion Theater; and the Hengqin Ocean which features Musical Fountain Spectacular, Chimelong Ocean Parade, Glamorous Sky over Hengqin, Sky-Board Spectacular,  and Dance of the Starry Night.

Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is a must visit for families. Spend a few days and relish the experience of discovering more of the world's largest ocean theme park. Consult your travel agent for more details. 

By Sunshine Silva on 11/26/2015 in China

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