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A popular German legend says that the hallways of Schloss Schwerin are haunted by a ghost called Petermännchen. The ghost is a few feet high, adorns clothing of 17th century Germany and resembles cavalier.

Perhaps this is what draws tourist into this mystic architectural marvel. On a more serious note however, the Schloss Scherin is laden with historic artifacts that give insights into the Germanic tribes to as far back as year 973

The word Schloss Schwerin is interpreted in English to mean Schwerin Castle. The castle is regarded as one of the most important historic building in European romanticism. It is for this reason that the castle has been nicknamed 'Neuschwanstein of the North'.

For centuries, it was home to the ducal heredity line of the Mecklenburg. It is the most visited place in the city of Schwerin and boasts a rich history.

In the 10th Century, the castle was just a simple fortress owned by the Palobian Slav tribe. However, under the leadership of Henry the lion, the Germanic military started advancing and in due time, the palobian slavs abandoned it only for it to attract the Germans due to its value in military terms.

At around 14th century, it was bought by Niklot descendants (Niklot was among the first army headed by Henry the lion to land in Schwerin). They elevated it to ducal heredity line called the Duke of MecklenBurg.

By 20th Century, the German Democratic Republic had opposed to the nobility structures in the society and it was used to train kindergarten teachers. In 1990s however, it became the seat of government again - where it hosts the state assembly of mecklenburg.

The Schwerin Castle boasts a state of the art museum featuring art exhibitions, the Straat Theater, Museum Schloss Ludwigslut, Museum Schloss Gustrow and a Museum shop.

You can get to the castle by bus number 10 or 100 and alight at Alten Garten or Schloss Schwerin or by train and alight at Marienplatz station that is just a 5 minutes’ walk distance from the castle. For those who come with private cars, there is ample parking

Germany is a huge country that boasts rich history. If you are to learn anything about her, the best place to start is Schloss Schwerin.

By Kennedy Runo on 10/31/2013 in Schwerin

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