Uncover the History Behind Guadeloupe

In Antillean Creole, Guadeloupe is known as Gwadloup. The island country was named by Christopher Columbus in 1493 after the venerated Spanish town of Guadalupe in Extremadura. The name is derived from Santa MarĂ­a de Guadalupe (Virgin Mary).

During the Pre-Cloumbian Era, the island was home to the Arawaks. They called it 'Karukera', which is translated to mean 'The Island of Beautiful Waters'. The Arawaks had settled in the island from as early as 300AD.

One interesting bit about the island is that Christopher Columbus discovered the pineapple here in 1493 and called it 'pine cone of the Indies'.

Despite lying within the hurricane belt, the island is one of the most toured in the Caribbean. It is especially loved for the Beach of Feuillère and Carbet Falls. Be among the 400,000 visitors that grace its shores every year.

By Kennedy Runo on 12/30/2014 in Guadalupe

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