Things to do when on an adventure tour in the Berchtesgarden

Germans names are hard to pronounce for the average English speaker. They have several consonants following each other, making them sound funny in the Anglo-Saxon word formation. Berchtesgarden might be hard to pronounce, but the town's beauty is characteristic of anything 'made in Germany' - it is stylish, sensible, and carefully choreographed. This Bavarian town is almost surreal...and in this town, you will have some of your best adventures in Europe. Take a look at the list below.

1. Outdoors Activities

Whether you love Walking, hiking, mountain biking, or skiing; this Bavarian town's trails will make your adventure hungry soul giddy with excitement. Germans take everything they do pretty seriously and you would be surprised to find a watering spot deep into the woodlands. The trails are so well kempt that you will start wondering whether you are in public land or a private estate.

2. Try your luck at Germany's highest peak - Zugspitze

If you seriously want an adventure that can challenge you, you can try the Zugspitze peak. This is part of the Bavarian Alps and a popular destination for those who love mountain climbing. The trails are especially challenging due to the glacial formations that surround the Alps

3. Tour the Berchtesgarden Royal Palace

In the 12th century, this castle was a monastery but today it is the official residence of the Bavarian royal dynasty. It is a good place to start learning the history of Bavarians and their rulers.

4. Take photos at the Eagle's Nest

This is perhaps the most popular tourist spot in the Berchtesgarden Township. Besides the great views of the Bavarian Alps, you will get to experience the joy of climbing up to the summit and having your photo taken against the cross and the Alps landscape. If not for anything else, go to the nest for the views. It is something you will never forget.

5. Enjoy some wild at Berchtesgaden National Park

Apart from some exotic Bavarian birds and trees, this park is home to the pilgrimage Church of Saint Bartholomew. It is also a designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

Germany is a good country to visit for vacation, but it is better for those that seek adventure. The Berchtesgarden Alps region is one of the most exclusive holiday destinations.


By Kennedy Runo on 03/03/2014 in Germany

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