The Night Markets of Thailand

Thailand is renowned for its red light districts. Sorry folks. This is not what the title of this blog post seeks to talk about. It seeks to enlighten travellers in Thailand where they can do their shopping at night after a long day exploring the wonders of the country. Below is a list;

1. Khao San Road in Bangkok

Connecting the Chakrabongse with Tano Road, any cabbie will get you here. It opens you to a fantastic shopping experience under the moonlight. What more, you will get bargains. Note: avoid Mondays nights. There is a ban on street vendors. Among the things you can buy include; t-shirts, pad Thai noodles, trinkets, designer clothes etc. It is open from sundown to around 11PM.

2. Saphan Phut Night Bazaar

This market is located next to Memorial Bridge in Bangkok. Among the items you can pick at bargain prices include; t-shirts, handbags, tattoos, secondhand items, snacks etc. It is popular with college students. You will find it open from Tuesday to Sunday from 8PM to 2AM.

3. Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

This is located on the eastern side of the old walled city. It stretches over 1 kilometer along the Thanon Chang Khlan. Among the items you can pick in this market include real and fake designer clothes, jewelry, t-shirts, belts, DVD's, watches etc. You can also have burgers, pizza and steaks at the street stalls and restaurants.

4. Ratchada Night Bazaar

If you want to mix up with the hippy crowd in Bangkok, this is the place to be. The market is also referred to as Vespa Market. It is where people swap vintage cars, old collectibles and fashion accessories. It is opened on Saturdays from around 6 PM to past midnight.

5. Silom Road

Opened from Tuesday to Sunday from 6PM to 1AM, this market consists of makeshift shops straddling both sides of the road. They sell knock off accessories and souvenirs.

Other popular night markets in Thailand include; Pak Khlong Talad, Ratchayothin Night Market, Talad Rot Fai, etc. Now you know where to kill the hours when you are not clubbing, or having dinner or just relaxing in your room.

By Kennedy Runo on 02/03/2015 in Koh Samui Airport

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