10 day Caribbean Cruise with Ava Curtola + Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton + David Pliz

January   09 - 19, 2016 

10 day Caribbean Cruise

                      Soul Getaway Cruise

Join your Hosts

Ava Curtola  +  Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton  + David Pilz

… on the Royal Princess

Cruises fares from $1479.00 Canadian per person based on double (Inside stateroom)

Included -

  • Group Cocktail Party
  • Opening and Closing ceremonies
  • Evening Moonlight Meditations under the stars
  • Gentle Yoga stretching in the Morning of 2 Sea Days
  • Caribbean Sea Yoga in the blissful blue waters of Princess Cays
  • Endless Gourmet meals, Surf and Turf, pizza, etc.
  • Outdoor Big Screen Movies
  • Participate in genuine Indigenous teachings and ceremonies
  • World class psychic mediums and healers
  • Socialize with your friends and favorite Instructors all week
  • Exclusive private time ‘by appointment only’
  • Everyone receives a Special Soul Get Away Gift Package including:
  • The Metaphysical Manual Book series
  • Awaken Your Soul meditation CD
  • Ancient Inner Depths meditation CD
  • 20% off psychic readings, healings
  • $20 EnergyThings gift certificate towards our
  • workshops, product or services
  • Caribbean Breeze Essential Oil Spray
  • Custom Beach Bag per cabin

 The first 22 people to book receive an extra:

  • Personalized memento and gem
  • Individualized numerology chart
  • 20% off workshops

Do it all or nothing at all, your choice! Just $120 holds your spot !!!  Extra savings for past princess passengers

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Exclusive and Rare shore excursions

Dolphin Love     St. Thomas      David/Ava             Cost:TBA

First learn the powerful techniques of telepathy, psychic mind reading from our expert metaphysical instructor and then join our pod on a powerful shore excursion to swim and interact with LIVE dolphins. There will be an opportunity to purchase a video and photographs of your memorable interaction. Allow our experts to guide and enable you to have a safe, enlightening, and empowering encounter in a manner that few humans have ever achieved in a lifetime

The Atlantean / Lumerian Connection   David/ Ava     Cost:TBA

Begins with Starnation pipe/ whistle ceremony.  Explore your very personal soul connections to ancient Lumerian, Mayan, Sumerian and Atlantean civilizations. Learn a tried and true past life recall technique that you can later share with your friends and family. Includes genuine ancient teachings and lore, travel to and from (beach), bonding attunements between you and your crystal(s), … plus receive a complimentary Lumerian crystal. . A very unique and life changing event.   

The deStress class     Ava Curtola RN    Cost:TBA

Empower your mind, body and soul to guide you through life. A hands on class! Learn how to heal with Reiki energy, reflexology, acupressure … charts and handouts for you to practice with. What's right for you?     

4 Elements        David/ Ava     Cost:TBA

Join us on an incredible journey through your inner being and re-discover the 4 Elements; Earth, Fire, Water and Air.  You will become energetically aware and attuned to the 4 elements and four directions through an ancient awakening technique.  At this prophetic time of human awakening, it has become critically important to remember our connection to the basic building blocks of our earthly existence … and our ancestral celestial origins. Includes genuine ancient teachings and lore, travel to and from (beach), awakening attunements, Starnation pipe/ whistle ceremony … plus receive a complimentary genuine medicine pouch.

Genuine Indigenous teachings and ceremonies    FREE

Very unique … these genuinely ancient teachings will be offered throughout the ongoing cruise, excursions and meditations. Impromptu moonlight ceremonies, rare indigenous elders and teachings, be a participant in genuine historic prophesies unfolding on this cruise/ spirit quest.

Moonlight Meditations           Ava/David      FREE

An hour of blissful relaxation and meditation.  Achieve levels of deep theta meditation that you cannot always achieve or repeat on your own. Explore the freedom of your soul, peace of mind, new world energy. Learn to create your own personal meditation; a journey … just perfect for you.

Caribbean  Sea - Ener-Chi Yoga   - Princess Cays   Ava    FREE

Gentle Yoga stretching in the Morning of 2 Sea Days and last class in the blissful blue waters of the Caribbean.  Working with the healing salt water, let your body release stress and rejuvenate with the waves.

Your Hormonal Ener – chi!  How are you shifting with the changes that are happening around you?? Are your energy levels depleting? How are your moods?  Time to energize you, balance you ... and get your chi moving!!  

Ava Curtola RN is a holistic therapist who has great warmth and compassion, which empowers, heals and encourages others to connect with their true spirit.

Ava is a Registered Nurse, Energy of Birthing Holistic Prenatal facilitator, Reiki Master, Reflexologist, Cranio-Sacral Therapist and Energy Worker. With more than 3 decades of experience in the health care field, Ava is in a unique position to merge modern energy concepts with her own intuition, as well as traditional medicine. She has many powerful meditation CD’s to enhance your life journey.

Her focus is to create global awareness and practical instruction in the field of alternative health.       EnergyWorkshops.com

A bridge between worlds

Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton is a Spiritual Medium with the gift of communicating on the other side with those who have passed. Lynn comes from a long line of highly gifted psychics and mediums, it's been her family's gift for many generations.

"I want to heal people by speaking for those who can no longer be heard by loved-ones left behind"   LynnVanPraagh-Gratton.com    

 David (The Oracle) Pilz is a genuine Psychic and Psi expert and instructor in the fields of ESP development, metaphysics and parapsychology, certified in numerous alternative health practices like Reiki Mastery, Reflexology & Crystals He is the author of The Metaphysical Manual series and instructs others in developing their own natural gifts … awakening a thriving clientele to their fullest human potential through a variety of techniques, teachings and protocols which feed the mind, body and soul journey.

He is known among the indigenous as WhiteStar, the current Starnation Pipe carrier of ancient prophesy, golden eagle bone whistle carrier and sacred lodge keeper; he is respected by the Elders and recognized by many as the white man of prophesy that they have been expecting from the north at this extraordinary time of transition. The unique access to those ancient teachings has empowered WhiteStar to bridge cultures, communities and wisdoms across the globe on his quest filled journey … these teachings are respected as sacred.     DavidPilz.com

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