Kakadu National Park you gotta go here

Whether you love history or not, the fact that an ecosystem has survived over 40,000 years of natural selection is bound to elicit some awe in you. This is exactly how the story of Kakadu National Park begins. Excavations on archaeological sites reveal stone tools, rock paintings and other Stone Age tools that can astound even the most cynical traveler. This is why UNESCO listed Kakadu National Park as a World Heritage Site in 1981, to conserve a place generations after you would love to learn of.

Four land forms make up what is today referred to as Kakadu National Park. They Include; The Coastal Riverine Plains, The Koolpinyah Surface, The Arnhem Land Plateau and Escarpment Complex and the Southern Hills and Basins…boring huh….only because you did not do well in your geography class. Without belaboring the point, Kakadu is a place that wonder and awe are not too farfetched.

The escarpments rise to the height of over 300 meters and stretch for over 500 kilometers. Land formations in this park cover a whopping 500 square kilometers. Amazingly, this park is home to two islands.

Helped by the tropical monsoon climate, the hydrology of the park is characterized with wet and dry seasons. This climate is ideal for proliferation of Eucalyptus trees, lowland mangrove, swamp papyrus, and sandstone rainforest. The park is home to 46 endemic species of plants.

The park is an integral part of the Australian economy. It is home to a third of Australia’s bird’s species, 55 species of termites, 200 species of ants or about 10% of world ant species and a host of small mammals. It is also an important breeding habitat for saltwater crocodiles as well as pig-nosed turtle.

The Aborigines have a special attachment to the park. Legend has it that an Aborigine would not be found cutting a tree in the Kakadu forests for fear of rousing the ire of the great serpent that they credit with creating the forest. It is a sacred place to the Aborigines, a fact that the Australian government have recognized by allowing 300 aboriginal peoples to stay within the park.

If you love the wild, then you will find the most authentic and un-interfered with ecosystem in the world. Not even the Amazon can compare with what you are going to see here!

By Kennedy Runo on 03/28/2014 in Australia

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