The Awesome Canal Ring Area in Amsterdam

The Canal District of Amsterdam was built as a project for the new port city. From the twilight years of the 16th century to early 17th century, the district would see canal development that had hitherto never been seen in any other capital of the world. This is the reason Amsterdam is sometimes fondly referred to as the ‘city on water’. The network of canals surrounds the historic old town and the medieval port to its west and south.

The canal construction was accompanied by a repositioning of the fortified boundaries in Singelgracht. The program was a long term project whose aim was to extend the city to the swampland by draining it with the canal’s concentric arcs and then filling in the intermediate spaces.

The space created allowed construction of an ensemble that was homogenous, comprising of both modern houses and monuments. The urban extension that the Dutch were able to put in place was the largest of its time, and it became a model of large-scale town planning. The town was a reference point for many city authorities from around the world that wanted to commence city extension programs in their respective backyards

Amsterdam boasts more than 100 canals that form 90 islands. To get around, you will need to use the city’s 1500 bridges. To add to the city’s allure is the 1550 monumental buildings.

Points of Interest

  • The four biggest canals - Herengracht, Prisengracht, Keizersgracht and Jordaan
  • Additional canals in the canal belt - Zwanenburgwal, Kloveniersburgwal, Bronweisgracht, Brantasgrancht, Lamonggracht, Majanggracht, and Seranggracht

Ask your tour company to give you a tour of Amsterdam on a boat on the canals. This is by far the most enjoyable way to see the city’s historic monuments. Besides, there is no better way to capture the beautiful landscape than on a boat.

Most travelers enjoy candle lit dinners aboard a boat as the city lights create a harmonious romantic aura. The soft twirling of the waves on the canal water creates the constant lull that adds to the beauty of the setup. Oh…and the reflection of the city lights on the canal creates an array of lights that possess some bewitching charm. Do you want to impress your date while in Amsterdam? Organize for a romantic dinner on a boat…

By Kennedy Runo on 07/30/2015 in The Convent Amsterdam

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