Explore Egypt on a Sahara Desert Safari

Egypt is only rivaled by Israel in terms of world history. It is the biblical land of the Red Sea and Pharaohs. It is home to the historical Giza Pyramids, which are also one of the 7 wonders of the world. It is part of the larger Middle East and is home to the world's biggest desert.

Sahara desert is so expansive and bare that a visitor will be excused to think that it is lifeless. This cannot be further from the truth. It is so full of life and adventure. From viewing the mirages, to enjoying a camel ride in a Bedouin village to watching the desert sky on a telescope, this desert can be full of wonders.

There is nothing as adventurous as a safari on the Sahara desert. You will get to see the Second World War museum in Alameini, or if you fancy mountain climbing, hike up the Siwa's Mountain of the Dead. If you are into romantic novelty, you can watch the sinking African sun in Fat Nas. There are camping facilities along the Great Grand Sea and in Oasis of Bahariya. In short, a safari on the Sahara has a ‘to do list’ for everyone.

Exploring Egypt on a Sahara desert safari requires a four wheeled car or a camel. If you are into leisurely travel, then a ride on a camel can do wonder for your trip. Mixing with the local Bedouins is instructive of the Egyptian hinterland's culture. Here, the customs practiced are completely different from the urbane, world traveling Cairo residents. It involves a peek in the diversity of the Arab nomads’ way of life.

When on the Sahara desert Safari, make sure you bring with you all the necessary items. Comfortable walking shoes, warm clothes for cold desert night, Sunblock lotion for protecting the skin from the intense desert sun, sunglasses to protect your eyes from intense heat and rays, a camera with extra memory cards and your own extra supply of water are some of the things you should carry with you.

Exploring Egypt on a Sahara safari is great value for money. You will never regret travelling across the world to see 'a desert'.

By Kennedy Runo on 11/04/2013 in Egypt

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