Driving through Tasmania’s wild west

A lot of films have been shot telling stories of the American Wild West. Cowboys, large open grasslands, farm houses, country music and quaint little towns with old watering holes define the Wild West in the US. Recently, the American Wild West got its equal in the Island of Tasmania.

Tasmania is an island state situated about 250 kilometers south of the Australian continent and separated by the water body commonly referred to as the Bass Strait. The island is part of the Australian commonwealth. It boasts a whopping 334 surrounding islands. It covers an area of 68,401 square kilometers, 62,409 square kilometers of which is the main island.

Tasmania was home to about 9 ethnic Tasmanian Aborigines just like the American Wild West was home to Indians. In 1803, the British started settling in the Island. Unfortunately for the natives, a series of infectious diseases spread through the Island until only a few of them. The last true blood aborigine was a woman named Truganini who died in 1876.

Tasmania is abundantly endowed with beautiful natural features. A drive around the Island will reveal scenic sights such as Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain in Central Tasmanian Highlands, Wineglass Bay in Freycinet National Park, Russell Falls in Mount Field National Park, Moulting Lagoon and Great Oyster Bay among others.

Expect to sample some of the best Tasmanian wine brands such as Boags and Cascade as well as dine in some of the best sea food dishes made from ingredients such as crayfish, orange roughy, salmon and oysters.

Make sure you do not miss some Tasmanian performances by Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra in Federation Concert Hall as well as some visual arts performances in Museum of Old and New Art.

Tasmania Wild West is characterized with outback taverns, open grassland, mountain ranges, scenic waterfalls, hospitable people, Australian entertainment hotspots, and varieties of wildlife. If you ever want to substitute the American West with something new, then Tasmania is the best alternate. It will not only give you something to talk about for years, but also open your eyes to new experiences.

By Kennedy Runo on 12/24/2013 in Australia

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