Bushwalking Through The Majete Wildlife Reserve In Malawi

There are thousands of great locations for tourists to visit throughout the African continent. But if you want to experience Africa the way it was truly meant to be experienced, consider taking a bush walk tour through the Majete Wildlife Reserve in the country of Malawi.

Majete is a wildlife reserve in Malawi and has become one of the country's most beloved national parks. Thousands of visitors head to the park every month to witness the plethora of animal and bird species in their natural habitat.

There are a few ways to explore Majete but the most popular are by taking your own car, taking a guided tour with one of the staff on a game drive, or by taking a bush walk with a professional wildlife guide.

Guiding bush walks through the reserve is one of the specialties of the park's staff. These professional guides double as armed scout and have years of experience dealing with the elements of the reserve.

These scouts patrol the reserve on a daily basis and have become exceptionally familiar with the territory. Their knowledge and safety training allow their guest bushwalkers to see everything there is to see in the reserve up close and without risk of harm.

The Shrine River and an area known as the Hippo Spot are particularly popular with visitors. These unique sections of the reserve are brimming with scores of animal and bird species and are renowned for their awesome scenic beauty as well.

The bush walk guides at Majete are very knowledgeable about the reserve and are very keen on making sure their guests walk away from the tours with an in-depth understanding of the environment.

Guests are treated to breakfast at the park's Thawale Lodge before heading out on their guided excursion. Some of their favorite places to take their guests are the Breast Hills in the northern section of the reserve and the Diwa water hole.

The Majete Wildlife Reserve is essentially a microcosm of the whole of the African continent. That is to say, it features almost every species of African wildlife all contained in the wide open reserve that is Majete and every one of them is available for visitors to see and enjoy.

By Avon Alexander on 12/12/2013 in Malawi

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