A brief history of London

The following is a chronology of how the city of London, capital of the United Kingdom with a GDP of over US$750 came to be.

4500BC - Although the evidence is not very concrete as to warrant mention is scientific data, there is reason to believe the area where the present day city of London occupies was occupied in 4500 BS. The foundation of a timber house was discovered in 1999.

2. 45 AD - The first settlement is said to have been settled by the Romans. As fate would have it, this lasted for short 17 years as the marauders of Queen Boudica would attack it and burn it to ground.

3. 100 AD - The next excursion by the Romans was better planned and would grow faster to overtake Colchester as the capital of the Brittania Roman Province with a population of 60,000 People

4. 5th Century - After the collapse of the Roman Empire, The Anglo-Saxons would form a settlement called Lundenwic which would grow slowly until year 950 when it will see dramatic growth and by 11th century, the city would be even bigger than Westminster.

5. 1066 - 1097 - After a successful excursion during the Battle of Hastings, William, Duke of Normandy was crowned King of England and immediately after this started constructing the Westminster Hall, which was later to be the basis of Westminster Palace.

6. 1381 - The Black Death killed more than a third of the population of London and became the focus of the peasant revolt of 1381.

18th Century to 21st Century

1. 1831 to 1925 - During this time, London was the largest city in the world and the overcrowding brought many diseases such as Cholera. It is also during this period that the city of London was bombed by the Germans during the WWI. During the WWII, the bombing of London by German Luftwaffe, popularly known as the Blitz killed about 30,000 London Residents.

2. 1948 - As has become renowned as the London characteristic, once again the city dusted itself and hosted the 1948 summer Olympics. From then on, the story of this English capital has been one of the greatest reads for historians.

Today, London and its metropolitan area is home to more than 20 million people and in 2012, it became the first city to host the modern Summer Olympics for 3 times. It is the cultural capital of the world, with more than 300 languages being spoken within its precincts. Measured by the number of international arrivals, it is the most visited city in the world. Hopefully, you will be among this amazing statistics.

By Kennedy Runo on 02/11/2014 in London

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