5 things you need to know about Prague

Prague is the historical capital of the Bohemia and the present day capital of the Czech Republic. The city is located along the banks of Vltava River in the northwest of the country. It is home to 1.3 million people while its metropolitan area is home to over 2 million people. Its climate is temperate Oceania and thus experiences warm summers and chilly winters. For over 1100 years and with varying degrees of success, the city was the central Europe's political, cultural, and economic center. Below are more things you should know about the city.

1. TV Tower on Peitrin Hill is Prague’s Magic Spot

Like all major cities, Prague has a spot where you can see all its 10 Prahas with relative ease. Although the city has 3 efficient metro lines and a tram system that is rumored to be among the best in the world, one would still want to have an overview of the city before visiting the various attractions. That place is the top floor of TV Tower on Peitrin Hill.

2. The city has all the ancient architectural styles

The city seems to have gotten influence from all the major construction styles. You will get to see Romanesque style through St George’s Basilica in Prague Castle, Baroque through St. Nicholas’ Church in the Old Town Square, Gothic through Church of Our Lady Before Tyn and the Old Town Hall and Art Nouveau through a majority of the city buildings that have faces flowers on their facades.

3. Language

Here is one of the biggest problems for those who travel here. Czech language is one of the most difficult languages in the world. The best way around this problem is to carry with you a good translation book and to practice pronouncing Czech words for about a month before you travel to the country.

It is an expensive city

If you are planning to do some shopping in Prague, keep it to the bare minimum. Buying clothes in Prague will leave a big hole in your pocket. Incidentally, food is cheap...but all the luxury goods cost way above the European average. I guess that is why Prague is said to be a 'millionaires' city.

5. Drink and Drive at your own peril

Unlike in other European cities where drunken driving fines are manageable, in Prague, the fines will simply make you poor. It is illegal to drive in Prague when you have had any alcohol. 


By Kennedy Runo on 01/31/2014 in Prague

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