5 amazing restaurants in Lille

Lille is a northern France city that is located on the French-Belgium border. I am reliably informed that it is the last French frontier to the north and if you want to enjoy a little bit of Belgium influence on French cuisine, it is the place to go. Thus said, you are well advised to try out the following top-rated Lille restaurants.

1. La Part des Anges

This restaurant is located directly opposite to Le Barbier Lillois on 50 rue de la Monnaie. This restaurant is a great place to hang out with friends since it is partly a wine bar and partly a restaurant. Among the delicacies served here include hearty servings of cheese and charcuterie.

2. A L’Huîtrière Restaurant

For the freshest fish cooked in the classic Lille style, visit this 3 rue des Chats-Bossus restaurant and you will never regret. It is vintage but classy with the mosaic art deco setting the stage for an intimate evening.

3. L’Ecume des Mers

For 25 euros you can have some of the best seafood that you can find in Lille. However, the 40 euros plateau de fruits de mer is the real seafood feast. Make sure you bring along friends - they will marvel at your taste in food and great restaurants.

4. Restaurant Meert

Club sandwiches, salads and more complete dishes like lamb and spring onion casserole as well as grilled sole with asparagus are some of the dishes you can expect at this restaurant for 29 euros. The restaurant is located on 27 rue Esquermoise.

5. Au Vieux de la Vieille

Set on an old building with vintage furniture and tiled floors; this restaurant will serve you with some of the best Flemish dishes e.g. a soup made with Maroilles cheese, sausage with apples, carbonnade of beef and chicken in Camembert etc. The restaurant is located at 2-4 rue des vieux murs.

Lille is a real border city with influences from both Belgium and France. Whether it is a French city is not in doubt, but the added flavor from Belgium makes it worth a visit.

By Kennedy Runo on 03/25/2014 in Lille

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