Visit the Orangutans at Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre

The online dictionary describes the orangutans as 'a large, mainly solitary arboreal ape with long reddish hair, long arms, and hooked hands and feet, native to Borneo and Sumatra. The mature male develops fleshy cheek pads and a throat pouch'.

Based on that description alone, you get to understand why sighting the ape is very hard. However, a visit to the Semengoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center should give enough time to study the curious characteristics of the primate. They are said to be the most intelligent primates after man and are known to create sleeping quarters every day with branches and leaves. Scientists describe them as having a peculiar ability to learn.

Unfortunately for the primates, human activities such as encroachment to their habitats and poaching have decreased their numbers greatly to the level of being pronounced endangered.

The Semengoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is located about 12 kilometers from the 1613-acre Semenggoh Nature Reserve. The main goal of the rehabilitation center is to preserve the dwindling numbers of orangutans. There are only 61,000 orangutans left in the world, of which 54,000 live in Borneo. Unfortunately, their females produce just one female every 7 to 8 years. This does not help their case much.

The reserve only allows groups of 5 people into the park. These groups must be accompanied by a ranger( for their own protection). Note that adults will pay US1 and children US$0.5 for entry into the park eating area. For the actual tour, each group of 5 people will pay US$13.

Orangutans are beautiful to look at and interesting to interact with. At Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, you will get to see them up close and even interact with them a little bit. A visit to the center is one of those small memorable things that make us wanna relive the experience. Make sure that you visit Borneo to see this rare breed of primates!


By Kennedy Runo on 12/20/2013 in Sarawak

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