Tour Wanås, and Witness How Art and Nature Elegantly Combine

With Östra Göinge’s landscape pleasantly rolling and heavily forested with both coniferous and deciduous trees, it has come as a distinct design for one of its nature parks, called Wanås, to be elegantly styled with unique art.

Situated in Skane County of the beautiful country of Sweden, this fusion of history, nature and contemporary art does not only stop its uniqueness to this lovely combination as it also offers a café, medieval castle, shop, organic farm, sculpture park and an art gallery.

NY Times Travel writer Ingrid K. Williams visited Wanås herself and paid 100 SEK that already includes a season card (“In a Swedish Park, Art Co-Stars with Nature”). Although she’s not visiting this special park for the annual art production of world-class artists, she has still witnessed just how remarkable this Swedish park really is.

Here’s a quick excerpt from her article:

Other works, however, are starkly incongruous with the sylvan setting, like a jumble of boldly colored rectangular blocks (Jacob Dahlgren’s “Primary Structure”) jutting at right angles from each other, an ersatz jungle gym deep in the forest… But the strongest draw remains Wanas’s leafy park, where nature is the gallery and discovering an artwork is often a magical experience interrupted only by the crunch of the forest floor underfoot. Few signs mark the wooded trails; instead visitors receive a map and are encouraged to explore.

Catch the rest of her travel post here, and learn more about her discoveries at Wanås Park!

By Blogger002 on 08/07/2012 in Östra Göinge

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