See the Bushman Paintings on a Drakensberg World Heritage Tour

South Africa is an amazingly beautiful country which offers so many incentives to visit, it is only natural it draws so many tourists each year. Here, you can enjoy nature to no bounds, with miles upon miles of lush greenery inhabited by amazing and exotic wildlife. While here, check out the Drakensberg World Heritage Tour for a rich cultural nature experience.

This tour will take you to the Drakensberg Mountains, originally called the ‘Dragon Mountains’ by the first European settlers. You will visit Giant’s Castle and enjoy a leisurely 3 km walk to the site of the caves, where the Bushman (the indigenous of South Africa) left his legacy. You will be staring at some of the oldest known artwork on Earth, dating back thousands of years. The tour also includes lunch, as well as transportation from and back to your Durban hotel. For a historic and cultural experience where you will be surrounded by nature and wildlife check out this tour of the Drakensberg Mountains and Giant’s Castle. For more information, or for help with bookings, please feel free to contact us.


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By Blogger010 on 09/13/2013 in Eastern Cape

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