For History Lovers, Here is Kenya National Archives full of Information


At any given time, you have been a traveler as well as a researcher. Have you wanted to know more about the history of Kenya and part of Africa as a continent? Are you stranded where to source this information from? Kenya National Archives, Nairobi is the perfect place to base your research. The place contains a lot of history of the country since the pre-colonial period. It is located right at the city square next to the prestigious and famous Hilton Hotel.

Kenya National Archives is currently the largest Pan-African art gallery in Africa so you can imagine the volume of information one can get from it as researcher. It has become a landmark place for any visitor to Kenya to stop and get to know a little bit of history. Besides explaining more about Kenya and African Leaders, Kenya National Archives can turn to be a recreational place. Find out more by clicking here.





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By Blogger005 on 01/20/2013 in Nairobi

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