Step back into Time on a Historic Tour of Charleston

The history of Charleston, South Carolina is one of the longest and most diverse of any community in the United States, spanning hundreds of years of physical settlement beginning in 1670 through modern times. Whether by land or sea, Charleston offers plenty of special interest tours to learn all of the rich history of the area. Whether you prefer to stroll down quaint alleyways by foot or trot through the streets in a carriages, all paths lead visitors on an unforgettable journey back in time. You'll be entertained and enlightened by knowledgeable guides giving tours on foot, by carriage, by van - even by boat!

The tours feature Charleston’s  historic forts, palatial homes, and port activities. You may stop by the Drayton Hall, the oldest unrestored plantation house in America still open to the public or Charleston’s oldest graveyard to view famous tombstones and explore the streets and alleyways of our haunted Historic District. You will also see evidences of the Revolutionary and Civil War and tour the Antebellum Mansions. 

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By Blogger001 on 09/04/2013 in Charleston

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