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Nature and Heritage at Jamaica's First UNESCO World Heritage Site

on 03/21/2017 in Portland, Jamaica
A first for Jamaica and a first for the Caribbean. In 2015, Jamaica's Blue and John Crow Mountains became the country's first UNESCO World Heritage Site, and also the Caribbean's first World Heritage Mixed Site for both natural and cultural riches. The emerald mountains define the eastern part of the island and cover an area of 480 km2. The UNESCO...

History of Reggae Music

on 04/06/2016 in Jamaica
I am going to share a secret with you about the history of Reggae Music. I think now is the opportune time as I think you are at a place that you can handle it. This genre did not originate with Bob Marley nor his world renown song One Love. The term reggae was derived from rege-rege, a  Jamaican phrase...