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Video: How to Rock a Dirndl for Oktoberfest

on 09/20/2017 in Anywhere
Is Oktoberfest in your future? In Munich or a festival closer to home, you won't be fully into the spirit of the annual harvest celebration of Gemutlichkeit (fellowship), beer, pretzels and Wurst unless you also deck yourself in traditional Bavarian costume.The good news is: these days it's easy to rock a dirndl for women, or lederhosen for men... or nowadays,...

Video: A Travel Diary on Neuschwanstein

on 10/08/2012 in Hohenschwangau
Located in Bavaria, Hohenschwangau draws almost 2 million travelers each year because it has now become the home of a few of the most impressive regal castles and palaces in Germany. As what you can see in Donny Martin Cinematography’s video, there are a handful of souvenir shops, car parks, accommodations and dining opportunities in this part of the country....

Video: Journey into the Green

on 11/23/2012 in Nurburgring
In case you find yourself journeying to the Nurburg village in Germany, one particular place of interest that you might like to visit is the motorsport complex of Nurburgring.    In here, you’ll find a Grand Prix race track as well as a Northern loop track that particularly takes you around Nurburg as well as around this village’s medieval castle....