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Now there are Food Adventure Tours for Vegans, Too

on 06/04/2018 in Thailand
Vegan travel can be a challenge. In some favorite destinations, a bag of nuts in your bag at all times is essential to keep hunger away while you enjoy the attractions.Epicurean vegans can be even more frustrated. Surrounded by the sights, scents of produce and flavors of the local culinary cultureā€¦ and unable to enjoy it while practicing a plant-based diet. In...

Video: The Real Name of Thailand's Capital... Isn't What You Think

on 10/26/2017 in Thailand
Bangkok, right? Wrong.  We've traveled to the Thai capital city many times, but this was the first time BestTrip.TV discovered the full, real name of Bangkok is... well, see for yourself. It's a mouthful!  The proper name is also a very beautiful description of one of South-East Asia's most popular and colorful cities that every year makes the list as...