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Travel Tip: The Surprisingly Delicious Flavors of Berlin

on 06/04/2012 in Berlin
Berlin is famous for its internationalism, street art, outdoor cafes, historical sites and vibrant nightlife, with the superfluity of bars and clubs around. You just might think there's something for everyone but surprisingly Berlin somehow developed a reputation for its less-than-spectacular cuisine. Perhaps it's the comparisons to Paris or Tuscany, or the unfamilar tastes to some travelers, but it's a...

Taste Berlin's Popular Street Food: Doner Kebab

on 09/04/2013 in Berlin
Though not originally from Germany, the döner kebab is to Berlin what pizza is to New York: an immigrant food that has taken on a new life in its adopted land. The döner is a popular street food in Berlin, and today, there are more döner stands in Berlin than in Istanbul with about 720 million servings sold nationally each year.  What is this...