Travel Tip: The Surprisingly Delicious Flavors of Berlin

Berlin is famous for its internationalism, street art, outdoor cafes, historical sites and vibrant nightlife, with the superfluity of bars and clubs around.

You just might think there's something for everyone but surprisingly Berlin somehow developed a reputation for its less-than-spectacular cuisine. Perhaps it's the comparisons to Paris or Tuscany, or the unfamilar tastes to some travelers, but it's a sticky stigma that we want to unseat. 

Dining in the city’s restaurants is actually more affordable compared to eating out in other German cities or even in other capitals in Western Europe. A typical meal in Berlin include currywurst, which is simply a bratwurst that is poured with the usual ketchup and peppered with curry powder. However, nowadays these classic (and in my opinion - delicious) dishes are complimented by the more modern flavors emerging around the city. 

New York Times Travel contributor Frank Bruni attested in an article that the fusion of various cuisines definitely proves how many options a traveler has when eating in Berlin (“Sorry to Disappoint, But I Ate Well in Berlin”). He mentions, “I ate adventurously... The food had a sense of place, with German staples and traditions in the foreground or background.”

Here’s an excerpt from his very informative article:

“At one place I had what might be called German-Chinese fare and at another what might qualify as German-Italian. Befitting a city that is home to a sophisticated international crowd, its kitchens are taking an increasingly polyglot approach.

And perhaps because Berlin doesn’t have an image of culinary transcendence to live up to, even its ambitious restaurants tend to be blessedly bereft of puffed-up airs. I left them feeling not only elated but also relaxed. Dining at its happiest is supposed to do that for you."

Read the rest of his article, and let his description of the four Berlin restaurants he dined in work up your appetite for you.

By Blogger002 on 06/04/2012 in Berlin

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